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Mystery Under Maungauika (Fiction)

Mystery Under Maungauika (Fiction)

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Mystery Under Maungauika by A.J.W

Young adult fiction.

A class trip to an abandoned military installation (North Head / Maungauika) provides an opportunity for Ed and his friends. Someone’s spreading rumours of secret tunnels. If they can find a way in, they'll be able to spend all summer exploring the old underground navy base—if they had the place to themselves.

A disturbing discovery draws unwanted attention. Now someone is watching them ... following them. There are volatile secrets hidden deep inside the old maunga and while Ed wants them revealed, others want them buried—along with anyone who gets in their way.

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About the author

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Hi there, I'm Andrew 👋 Thanks for checking out my debut novel, Mystery Under Maungauika!

Picture this: a group of mates exploring Auckland City. Hanging out in places they shouldn't be. Getting into trouble. That's what life was like growing up here—and that's what my book's all about. The hidden tunnels under North Head / Maungauika sparked my imagination as a teenager, and I just knew I had to turn it into a story.

But when I started digging deeper, I found that truth was indeed, stranger than fiction. Rumours of hidden tunnels, buried planes, and degrading ammunition already haunted the mountain along with your regular old ghost stories.

In the 10 years I spent procrastinating on my novel, a man named Martin Butler had been undertaking some serious detective work. The non-fiction book Tunnel Vision chronicles his findings. I bought a copy to help with writing inspiration and quickly realised I'd have my work cut out for me making Mystery Under Maungauika any crazier than real-life events.

So how'd I do?

You tell me!

Start your own adventure with Mystery Under Maungauika, or excavate the evidence-based truth with Martin Butler's Tunnel Vision.

Andrew (A.J.W)

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