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Tunnel Vision (Non-Fiction)

Tunnel Vision (Non-Fiction)

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Tunnel Vision (Refocused) - Unearthing the secrets of North Head by Martin Butler

Non-fiction for all ages. ~400 pages with maps, scans & images.

On 12 October 1918, the New Zealand Flying School took possession of the first two Boeing aircraft ever made. Almost a century later Martin Butler goes in search of any remnants of these famous planes.

His journey takes him to North Head, Devonport's famous military landmark, which has long been the subject of rumours and urban myths about sealed-up tunnels and hidden rooms. Could the planes be buried in one of these 'forgotten' tunnels?

After research and investigations spanning twenty years (including a ground-penetrating radar survey), Butler uncovers a trail of deception, confusion and cover-ups as he attempts to unravel the mystery of what lies beneath the surface of North Head.

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Sir Richard Bolt, on Martin Butler's 'Tunnel Vision'

"This intriguing book is the outcome of years of painstaking research by the author seeking to establish just what happened to the relics of two Boeing seaplanes of great historical significance when the Walsh Brothers NZ Flying School closed down in 1924. Despite numerous investigations over many years, the fate of the Boeings is a mystery which has remained unsolved for too long. In telling the whole story, the author has put together the views and conclusions of all parties who have in any way been involved, along with an impressive sampling of evidence produced by many witnesses."

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